ShopRite is a well-known grocery store chain spanning throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. A family owned and operated business, ShopRite has grown into the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and the largest employer in the state of New Jersey.

In July 2011, ShopRite opened new stores in Timonium and Silver Spring, Maryland. With a limited amount of ShopRite locations in Maryland, the first priority for Weinberg Harris & Associates was to establish a plan for brand recognition throughout Maryland and its local communities to promote ShopRite as the grocery store that helps families live better. WHA conducted a grassroots community relations approach, reaching out to and building relationships with local schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, non-profit organizations and food banks etc. for events, partnerships, and contributions. WHA utilized the in-store dietitian as the spokesperson for nutritional topics on local television stations on a consistent basis. 

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