Mission 14 is a different kind of non-profit organization.  Dedicated to raising awareness of the plague of human trafficking, they're redefining adventure philanthropy.  In 2015, founder Nick Cienski will attempt to set a new record by climbing 70,000 vertical feet as he summits six of the world's highest mountains, all above 26,000', in an expedition dubbed the 6 Summits Challenge. While Nick has the public's attention, Mission 14 can educate the public about what each of us can do to prevent and stop human trafficking once and for all, while raising funds for their partner organizations working on the front lines. Weinberg Harris & Associates is charged with attracting regional, national and international media to this amazing expedition, while also supporting website development, company messaging, event preparation, social media management, media training and coordinating new multimedia from the expedition for publication.

The issue of human trafficking is a problem that plagues more than 160 nations and this global problem is only second in size to the illegal drug trade. To be successful in this endeavor, Mission 14 is forging partnerships with best-in-service direct service providers throughout the world. These organizations are actively engaged in rescuing victims of human trafficking and helping them rebuild their lives while preventing the exploitation of vulnerable men, women, and children. Mission 14 is committed to raising awareness about this issue through education and, together with our partners, have built an easy-to-use resource portal where individuals can learn about modern-day slavery and how they can become involved in its elimination.