The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) was founded in 1909
as the Morgan Horse Club with its sole purpose to represent the multi-faceted discipline-oriented Morgan Horse Breed. The Association is based in Shelburne,Vermont, while also maintaining a presence at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky for exhibition-purposes and a soon-to-be-opened Morgan Horse Museum.

While the AMHA, and its associated Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show (Grand National), have been in existence for over a century, the collective entities have never before engaged in the current trend of corporate sponsorship cultivation to assist in the ever-ending need to fund Association programs and Grand National endeavors. 

To that end, due to WHA’s extensive experience in supporting equestrian governing bodies and elite competitions with various fundraising and business development needs, the AMHA turned to WHA in 2012 to develop an Association-wide, coupled with it’s marquis competition -- the Grand National – first-ever sponsorship and partnership program.  Since its inception, the AMHA and Grand National, has enjoyed a tremendous platform of corporate support never before derived by the Association nor its marquis championship competition – the Grand National.

To date, WHA has delivered over 15 new and unique corporate sponsors to the AMHA and the Grand National, netting over goals by 30% in new found support.  While the AMHA does not maintain the largest of membership bases, WHA has utilized the notion that the AMHA is breed-oriented and has a unique niche with a breed that is multi-disciplined and is ‘virgin’ territory for corporations to capture a market, that mostly, has gone unnoticed.

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