Being strategic in placing advertisements is key to the success of a campaign.  At WHA, we understand the need to conduct research on our clients’ key audiences to learn where they are most persuaded -- online news sources, favorite radio station, must-watch television show, the coolest blogger, most popular Facebook and Pinterest pages, among much more.   Advertising isn’t just b/w, 4 color, ½ page or full page ads anymore.  It is being creative with the budget and stretching it so more qualified audience members see or hear the ad, rather then reaching the mass numbers.  We prepare full advertising strategic plans which consist of our recommended outlets, sizes, date runs, frequencies, impression buys, among much more. 

Additionally, WHA believes that advertising works if you say or show the right thing to represent your client.  We make it a point to work with the best and most suitable designers to develop the right look and feel of an advertisement that best portrays our client, and will help our clients’ remain top of mind.